May 19, 2017

What the Boys Were Doing - G'ma Debbie's

While Derek and I were in Las Vegas, our boys were being well taken care of...  by Grandmas!  They stayed the first part of their time with Derek's parents.  This was the first time Owen had been away from me for a night.  Debbie sent me a photo the first morning to let me know he slept all night perfectly!

She put all three boys in one bed, and they slept well the whole time.  She enjoyed hearing Coop & Miles sing Owen to sleep. 😍

They went to church Sunday morning with Mleyneks.

Where Owen had a great nap with Aunt Mikiah.

Which apparently worked up a big appetite by lunch. 

I sometimes wonder if the big boys would ever even know they're hungry while video games are involved. (insert eyeroll. ha)

G'pa Dale & G'ma Debbie took the boys to Oklahoma Salt Plains on Monday.

They spent a good part of the day digging for salt crystals. 

Which was SO much fun!

Even Owen got in on it...

Debbie sent me this video and it literally made me giggle out loud a little.

So did this!  😂  Maybe because I didn't have to clean up the mess? 

Uncle Drew went along to help, the boys love hanging with Uncle Drew.

Owen fell asleep on the trip back and stayed asleep for a long time.

When he finally woke up, or they woke him up, G'ma bathed them all, collected their belongings... (binkies).

And their salt crystals!

And made the drop off to the other grandma's house around bedtime. 

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The Rouse House said...

Ohmyword! He was digging in that hole like a big boy!