April 21, 2017

Library Craft

Here it is Friday again: library day.  
So lets revisit last week's library adventure.  Ms Jillian, the children's librarian at our library, typically does a fun little craft at the end of story time.  Once in a while, it requires a smock.  Owen doesn't always participate properly in craft time, but he was pretty proud of his smock.

And he's figured out the routine... head to the tables, have art supplies handed to you, try to copy everyone else, do you own thing if you can't.

It was a rainy day, and the stories and crafts followed the theme.  So little paper umbrellas were glued onto papers.  

It was at that exact moment that a voice came over the loud speaker saying that they'd had a report of a sliver Chrysler van in the parking lot with a side sliding door open. I knew immediately it was mine. 🙈  One of the side doors has been sticking and it tricks me all the time because it looks and sounds like it's closed... until you turn your back and walk away and it pops back open! 

So I left the boys to their crafts, with the help of Ms Jillian and the trainee taking her place during her maternity leave this summer, and went to shut the van door.  I wasn't gone long at all, but I came back to find the two poor librarians mopping up the BLUE COLORED water solution they'd given the kids to drip on their papers with droppers to look like rain drops.  Oops.  They were really good sports about it, but wow, did Owen get his paper wet!  His finished product resembles a flood much more than a rain shower! 😂

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