July 19, 2018

New Landscaping

Our new house has some 'Professional Landscaping' out front.

Thankfully, it has a lot of perennials, since I don't have a green thumb, this should help them maintain themselves somewhat. 

And a hosta garden, those are pretty self sufficient, right? 

There are some really fun plants.

I just need to figure out what they are.

And which ones are weeds.

Some are obvious to me...

And I guess if I like something, it can stay even if it is a weed?  ha.

No one has lived in the house since winter, so everything has come up on its own.  So that gives me hope that I won't have a lot to do to keep it up.

And the solar powered lights are really fun.

Very pretty at dusk.

I'm enjoying having some nice came-with-the-place landscaping.

And some pretty flowers!

July 18, 2018

Getting Settled

This is how I found Owen the first night in his 'new' bed.  The bottom bunk. 

This is also how I found the kitchen.  

We had our work cut our for us!

So we left and went to Quik Trip for breakfast! :)

We were actually on a mission to find a washing machine and dryer so we could do laundry.  But Lowe's has lawn mowers too, so it took longer than it could have.

Because boys like these sorts of toys.

We went to several different hardware and appliance stores, but didn't find a washer/dryer set that was a great enough deal that we wanted to spend our cash to take it home.

Somehow, because PetSmart was right next door to one of our stops, we ended up looking at tarantulas!  Miles is convinced he needs one as a pet.  With a price tag of $30 at the store, I told him if he can catch one in the wild, I might let him keep it. Ha.

By that first evening in Oklahoma, I had mostly found the kitchen to a point of functionality.
(while still using a refrigerator in the garage until we purchased one for the house)

AND: We found a washer/dryer listing online that was the same set we'd seen at stores for nearly $1,000 and paid only $180 for this used set!  This was so exciting!  (Now there is more left in the envelope for a king size bed! haha)

We wrapped up all that in time to take a quick walk around our new neighborhood.

Which we discovered has four, yes FOUR, neighborhood cats! 

When Miles asked if he could pet them, the owner said, "That's why they're outside!". 

We also found out that there are at least two boys living around the corner...  though it took a few 'drive by's' before my boys were brave enough to ask their names.

July 17, 2018

Hotel Life: Final Day 16

Our final day at the hotel, and in Peoria, arrived.  We packed things up and started loading the cars.

Owen made sure his most prized possessions were ready to go.

And with binkies packed and ready, so were we.

We headed to breakfast for one last waffle.

Said goodbye to the bears in the lobby.

And checked out.  That's when we found out that the Stoney Creek marketing department had been following my "16 Days in a Hotel" posts via Instagram.  They enjoyed it all so much that they had a little surprise for us.

A goodie basket full of fun items!

It had a Stoney Creek Inn shirt for each of the boys.

Some caramels and popcorn.

Two coffee mugs.

And our very own belgian waffle maker!!
There was also a super sweet note from the manager inside.  Thanks, Stoney Creek, for this thoughtful gift!  And being a great home to us in the interim!

With that, Peoria was in the rearview mirror and I was in tears.  oh.my.heart.  Goodbyes are hard.

We had to baby the Durango along once again, since it doesn't like to tow and kept overheating.

But considering all that, we made fairly good time, arriving at the new house before dark!

Miles somehow found the consume box that had been in storage and then moved to the new house... as we unloaded he ended up as spiderman.

Two boys had time to try out the new master bathtub.

And Cooper made his bed on the couch, amongst the mess, since we are short a bed for now.

Owen got out his prized possessions and it was time for bed.  Home is where the binkies are? :)

July 16, 2018

Hotel Life: Day 15 - Final Goodbyes

On our last evening in Peoria, we had plans to go to an "I Am They" concert at a local church. Our (xPPx) friend, Marshall, is our church worship leader and made plans for our worship team to attend the event together.  Tickets were to be purchased at the door, then we found out they'd started selling them online and it was now sold out.  So...  we changed plans and decided to go hang out at the church instead.  Which meant time to spend with friends...

We hung out on the church lawn.

Marshall brought pizzas.
The rest of us brought chips and cookies.

Then played.

Jess pitched to Owen, he might have hit one. :)

Emma played with Owen and Knox on the slide.

Owen went down the slide a bunch of times.

I took a video of him... then Knox came down after him and this video made laugh so hard!

Asia and Owen played catch while sitting down. Ha.

Some of the bigger kids played card games.

Once it started to get dark, the glow-in-the-dark capture the flag got set up.

All the kids and most of the Dads joined in.

They let the littles join in, though they mostly just rearranged the jail.

Before we left that night, this group of friends prayed with us and for our move.  Then there were rounds of tearful hugs.   oh.my.heart.  Goodbyes are hard.  The change of plans was a blessing of extra time with friends.