October 21, 2016

...tap, tap

Ahem.  Hello?  Is this thing on?
   I apologize for the lack of posts this week.  Yes, life is a bit crazy... 
(photo from "Funny Feet" AWANA night)

 But the biggest issue preventing posts is a photo drive sort of problem that I hope to get resolved over the weekend.  My iPhoto got updated and isn't compatible with my 2009 Macbook anymore.  So if anyone knows a good tech services guy...  ha.  Just kidding, I'm married to one of the best around. :)  See you soon, friend.

Happy Friday!

October 19, 2016

Up, Down

What goes up, must come down?

You can probably tell from my voice in the video how excited I am about Owen's new abilities. ha...  this one climbs on everything, I haven't had a climber before!

October 17, 2016

Star Wars Movie in the Park Event

When we attended the Family Flicks in the park this summer, we were handed a flyer for an event in the fall.  We marked it on our calendar since it interested the boys.  They prepared and anticipated it and the day finally arrived.  Star Wars in the Park! ...where they would get to watch "The Force Awakens" on the big screen at the park.  They dressed up to attend...

Miles: Luke Skywalker
Cooper: Kylo Ren
Daddy (not pictured): Chewbacca the Wookie 
Costume not required according to the boys. :)
(Spoiler Alert: These will mostly likely be their Halloween costumes too.)

They left with the understanding that if it was way too crowded and crazy, they were just going to come back home.  When they arrived at the park, they were pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't very busy at all.  And that there were (other) authentically costumed characters! 

Derek did an excellent job of documenting the event with photos and video for me.  Well...after a Stormtrooper reminded him he should take a photo. (hahahahaha!)

They had Jedi training and these guys did NOT break character! 

Derek took a lot of video of this, it's great.

But I wanted to post this video of Miles running the obstacle course...  because... well... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(FYI: Derek hung around to help put the course back in order after Miles' run!)

Next the boys got some "bad guy" or "good guy" symbols painted on their face/arm.

Then got to go pick get a prize from the front.  They had big bubble wands for the kids with silver tape over the handles so they looked like light sabers. 

There were quite a few other games and events, but seriously, how often do you get to play with bubbles with stormtroopers?! :)

Derek snapped a photo of some characters taking a group photo.

And, yes...  they actually got around to watching the movie.

The low turnout seems like maybe there was poor marketing/advertising for this event.  We really hope they keep doing events like this, they boys had a great time!

October 14, 2016

End Fall Ball

Cooper's Fall Ball Season ended a couple weeks ago.
If you look -really- close, you can see him playing left center.

He struck out at his last at bat.  But that's okay, it was a good season for him with quite a few hits for being his first league playing kid pitch.  He was playing with the 9-10yr olds, so it was a learning year anyway.

We watched a little of the last game from under our umbrellas.

And it wasn't enough rain to call the game, so they played it out and finished.

Good job, Marlins!

It was a good season!

October 12, 2016

Pumpkin Time!

During a regular shopping trip to Aldi, we grabbed some pumpkins for the boys. (Who had been begging for them the last three trips to the store.)  We got home and unloaded the groceries and Owen thought it was funny to have these pumpkins in the house.

He might have thought they were balls to play with, but were much heavier than he thought!

They ended up sitting there for a couple days and he loved it.  He would set his little one next to the big ones, but he could move it around the house much easier than the others.

Then finally on the weekend, we got around to carving them. 

Daddy was in charge of the knife.  

Cooper was SO excited to get the seeds out and roast them.

The boys drew their designs on their pumpkins with a dry erase marker then Derek cut them out.

We didn't carve Owen's pumpkin, but he enjoyed watching the process. :)

It took a while to clean them out.

And even Coop got a little grossed out by the end. Ha.

But the reward for touching the pumpkin guts was fun glowing pumpkins out on the front step!

October 11, 2016

Dentist, Office Nap, Coffee Day

I had a little "me time" recently...  a dentist appointment! :)  So I ran the boys over to Derek's office, which is five minutes away, and Owen fell asleep on the way over.  He stayed asleep when we carried him in, so we laid him down.

On Derek's standing desk mat!  ha.  He slept the whole time I was gone, which wasn't long since the dentist's office is three minutes back toward home. 

He woke up shortly after I got back.

So he got to spend a couple minutes with Daddy (while awake) before we left.

It was National Coffee Day, so we stopped at Dunkin' Donuts (three minutes past home and out of our way, ha.) for $.66 coffee on the way home! And one was free with my app.  Happy Coffee Day to us! :) #startthemyoung

October 7, 2016

Fourteenth at the BPS

Derek and I celebrated our fourteenth anniversary last week. 
Derek came home from the gym in the morning with flowers for me.

Then later that evening, we dropped the big boys off at AWANA and went to the Bass Pro Shop.  It was a fun place to spend a little time and Owen was pretty impressed with it. 

He points and grunts at everything he sees.  There was plenty to look at while we waited for Derek to purchase his deer tags. (The main of the reason we ended up at BPS.)

Next we walked toward the big fish tank. 

But Owen is easily distracted... his big brothers would have been proud of the things he was distracted by. :)

We made it to the tank and saw the big fish. 

Owen really liked this up close and personal view! 

He was also thrilled when he found a stuffed possum laying around.
(We have one just like it at home.)

He was mesmerized by the big talking moose at the shooting range.

It was nice to leisurely kill some time together.  Even with Owen in tow, it was pretty close to a date night. We don't get that done as often as we'd like these days since Owen is a BIG Mama's boys and cries anytime he's away from me.  We're working on him though, regular date nights are in our future!

October 6, 2016

Warm Weather & Water

We've finally had a shift in the weather and it feels a little more like fall.  But until the last week, we still had hot, humid weather.  It made playing outside pretty warm, but we still enjoyed the outdoors often.  We moved the little basketball hoop to the front driveway so Owen could use it.  He tries, but still can't get the ball in.   

So Cooper helped him out.

We filled a bucket with water to fill a squirt gun.   Owen ended up splashing around in it too.

That's when the big boys decided they wanted to pour the water over their own heads... and somehow Owen got in the mix.

He complained about it for just a minute, then he was over it, and much cooler! :)

That same week we went over to our neighbor's house while she was watching her grandson, Nolan.  She had the baby pool out for some swim time. 

Conni is one of our backyard neighbors, if you look closely, you can see Miles walking toward our house (to get more pool toys) in the back of this photo...

We had a good time swimming, Owen enjoyed the foot washing bowl too.

By the time the hour we spent there was over, he was copying his brothers and putting his face into the water.

Over and over...

It was a nice 'last swim of the summer'!