February 21, 2017

Shockers vs Bradley 2017

As the Wichita State Shockers vs Peoria's Bradley Braves basketball game approached, we discussed it several times and decided that we needed to stay on track with some financial goals (Dave Ramsey's Baby Step #3) instead of purchase tickets this year.  Not even knowing that, week before the game, a friend asked me if we'd like her parent's season tickets for that game!  Of course, we said YES! :)  

When the day came, we arrived and found our seats.  And Owen's snacks.

And, you know me, took a photo. :)

Then settled in to watch the game.

Well, most of us.  Owen watched a little, but he climbed around a lot.

The frisbee catching dogs during half time kept his attention the most.

He was pretty mesmerized...

Until he noticed I was taking his picture...

Then I got this!! 😂

Even after being down by five at the half, our Shockers won 49-64! 

There was a shoot around with the (Bradley ) team for kids 6th grade and younger after the game.

So we headed down, sporting yellow and all, to let the boys shoot a basket.

The players were really nice and joked with Miles pretending to block his shot.

They both missed their first shot, but it was fun to get out on the court.

They were allowed to shoot once at each end, so they got another try.

Cooper missed, but Miles took a big shot that time.

And made it!!  He was thrilled. 

Then we saw coach Marshall and I convinced the boys to let me take their picture 'with' him! Haha.

It was a great time and we were thankful to get to attend.

Speaking for a great time, Owen loved the skywalk and seeing the cars below. 

We took a Financial Peace University class this fall, we'd taken it years ago, but wanted a refresher.  After that, we made some changes in our spending habits and renewed some financial goals.  The Shocker game is not the only thing since then that God has blessed us with when we honored our decision to stock our emergency fund instead of spend money.  He has provided things that are just 'wants' not even 'needs' in some ways that have been fun for us.  And so much fun to teach our kids though each situation!  Thanks, God.

February 20, 2017

To Fill Up a Week

Uncle Tyler, Aunt Lauren and Mason gave Miles this set for Christmas.  He started working on it with Daddy's help, then Daddy left to go out of town for work...   so there it sat all week. Ha! 

We found other things to keep us busy in Derek's absence, and the boys are great helpers.  They helped peel carrots for stew.

Owen pulled the magnetic bottle opener off the fridge and thought he was peeling his. 😂

They matched and sorted socks.  I'm sure you can imagine how much help Owen is with that.

It was really cold January week, so when Miles dress himself in a short sleeved t-shirt, I told him he should put on another shirt too.  He came back out with at least six shirts layered up!

Appropriately enough, it was also "Fashion Disaster" night at AWANA.

Owen likes to run into Cooper's bed and tuck himself in...

But his real happy place is in his own bed with his binkies...  all of them.
(And his blanky and Bandit, the raccoon from Aunt Mandy)

The day Derek was driving home from the Archery Trade Show in Indianapolis, I woke up around 3am to a thunder storm and hail!  Then early in the morning, it changed to ice.  Yuck. 

The boys went outside to 'get the mail' and decided to shoot some hoops... the ball got stuck because the net was frozen and had to give. 

So they made the best of it and slid down frozen the driveway on their sleds.

And :::shocking::: Miles found a bug! 

Derek didn't hit the ice until close to home, so had a fairly good trip back home.  And he brought gifts: Freebie Hats! :)

And Miles wasted no time at all talking Daddy into finishing up his Contructors set.

💙 We were all glad to have him back home. 💙

February 17, 2017

Church Hockey Night

We attended the annual church hockey night in January.

On the night we went there was a special guest.  Ben Zobrist, who grew up in this area and currently plays for the Chicago Cubs, who won the World Series and people around here are NUTS about it.  But more importantly...  Ben helped the Kansas City Royals win the World Series the previous year. :)

We were running just a little late so we got there right as he was introduced.

So we walked in and watched that part...

Then went to find our seats with friends.

Then after the national anthem, Ben Zobrist dropped the first puck. 

And we settled in to watch the game.
(What are the chances of Derek and Miles blinking at the same time? Apparently pretty good!)

It was a good, close game!

With fun entertainment between periods.  See that blimp? It's remote controlled and drops coupons.

Owen did okay for how late we were there.  Snacks help. 

Speaking of snacks...  (insert eyeroll)

Owen found out he likes cotton candy.

Cooper eventually moved down to sit with his friend, Zach.

And after a sudden death situation, our Peoria Rivermen won the game!

After the game there was a concert with Ben Zobrist's wife, Julianna.  We couldn't see well and it was 10pm, so we didn't stay long.  But we enjoyed the whole evening.

February 16, 2017

18 Months

Shortly after Christmas, Owen had his 18 month well child visit. 
I tried to get him to hold still for a photo...

I kind of got one after I snapped my fingers to get him to look...
because he was trying to snap too!

He really just wanted off the table to play with his cars.

He had plenty of time while we waited for the doctor.

He also looked out the window.

Drove his cars on the window sill.

And up and down all the walls.

We got all finished up, he checked out well and is very average in weight and height.  Then we headed back to Daddy's office to pick up the big brothers.  Owen loved the buck mounts in the entry way of the Outdoor Sportsman Group office.

And once we got to Daddy's office, Owen got to touch Daddy's deer skulls (European Mounts) too.

But he wanted to stop to see the bucks again on the way out.

We finally made it home, where I worked on putting away Christmas decoration.  Such a bittersweet time. 😊😢🎄