October 23, 2017

Cookies to Class

Since Miles' birthday fell on Labor Day, and there was no school, we bought cookies to take to his class the following day.  Very specific cookies.  The school is a peanut free facility and birthday treats are required to be store bought.  There is a boy in Miles' class with a severe peanut allergy, along with some dairy allergies.  These are the approved cookies!

We got the school at our assigned time and Miles' class was at the end of their group work.

Then everyone put their work away and got ready for treats. 

Mrs Hassinger brought Miles to the front of the class and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. 

Then Miles and his friend Cole grabbed the cookies...

And passed them out to the class.

Once everyone had a cookie and a juice, they started eating.

Miles had so much fun celebrating his birthday with his entire class.

Owen was pretty thrilled to eat a cookie when we got home too. 

October 20, 2017

Cake, Candles and Characters

We got back home and Miles helped light the candles on his cake.

Then we sang to him and he blew them out. 

Owen did beat him to it though!  Thankfully, Derek was able to relight quickly. ha.

Then they dug in!

Owen was the first one to get to bed.  I had to talk him out of having the superhero mask on while sleeping. 

After Owen was out of their hair, the big boys worked on Miles' Lego Hero Factory Character from G'ma Debbie.

And had it finished in pretty short order!  

It had moving parts and worked terrifically! 

October 19, 2017

Bass Pro the Shop

After we finished bowling, we couldn't leave the BPS without checking out the fish.

Owen wasn't getting left out of this...

He likes the big fish!

But we discovered he does NOT like the big bear!

He does like all the toys.

So do his big brothers.  My boys are all obsessed with stuffed animals.

Can you find Owen in the stuffed fish?

He slithered out backward like one!

We took some time at the shooting range.

And talked Owen out of every character fishing pole.

But let him drive a boat. 

Miles looked at fishing poles but decided to wait because he wasn't ready to choose which one he wanted.  Instead, he spent a little of his gift cards on a stuffed hummingbird. 

Then we quickly checked out the fish outside. 

Said goodbye to BPS (for now) and headed home where the birthday cake was waiting!

October 18, 2017

Bass Pro Bowl

There was a lot of discussion about what special thing Miles wanted to do on his birthday.  Over and over, he came back to bowling at the Bass Pro Shop.  So that's what we did!

And you know, my boys are all game if it involves the Bass Pro Shop!

We all think the bowling balls are fun. 

The lanes that look like water are fun too.

We got there and got ready and found out there was a special package deal that day.  We got our bowling, shoe rental, soda and a pizza...all for less than a regular day's price for a round of bowling.  Happy Birthday, for sure! ha. 

Miles bowled his heart out... even getting a strike once!

Owen had fun, and didn't bowl too bad either.  Bumper guards and the ball ramp help a bit.

Derek left that day STILL never having bowled a turkey.  Even though he had opportunity twice.  hahahaha.

Miles spent a lot of time asking if he could go look at the fish in the salt water tank.

We walked up there quickly, but we were on a timer before our game shut down, so we made them play until it was done! ha.

It was a good choice and a fun activity.  And worked well, since it started raining that afternoon.

Miles was a very pleased birthday boy. 

October 17, 2017

Miles' Gifts

Cooper helped Derek set up Miles' traditional birthday scavenger hunt for his gifts.  We decided to think outside the box and have it outside this time.  Haha...  see what I did there?  😏

We did start things inside with some cards. 

Some had money inside, some had gift cards!

And then Miles was given his first clue.

He was off and running.  
(I'll post the video at a later date, it's not ready yet.)

He got some great gifts from family, which included not one...

but TWO insect field guides.  So perfect. 

Apparently the fidget spinner Cooper got him was pretty perfect too. 
{{Insert Eye Roll}}

We got him a 'Dude Perfect' football target set. 

So he practiced a few trick shots right away.

He missed every time, so everyone got involved to help out.

Owen actually made the first connection with the target!  Right as I was taking the photo.  ha.