March 21, 2018

March Madness 2018

We love March Madness around our house.  We love the hype, and all the games to follow.  Since we are Kansas fans and Wichita State fans, we've had two teams in the tournament the last few years.  That makes it pretty fun!  We all choose our brackets before the tournament starts.

But it all can all turn stressful quickly when you realize that our two teams will eventually have to play each other to advance.

How in the world do you choose a winner?? 

This is where a lot of Jayhawk or Shocker fans say that you can't be loyal to both.

But we've managed to try our hardest.

It only gets complicated once a year or so when the tournament comes around.

Ultimately, Miles chose the Shockers to win, and win the whole thing!  If you follow basketball, you know that our Shox lost in the first round.  So sad.  But Miles' bracket isn't doing all that bad regardless.  He even chose the historic UMBC upset!

Go, Jayhawks!
Did I mention that my bracket had Shockers winning it all?  :::sigh::::

March 20, 2018

This Little Stool is Mine

Owen has a new stool.  When we were in Wichita for Christmas, by brother Drew made this little stool for us!  Owen drags it all over the house and still calls it, "My new stool". 

It's super handy for Owen to be right in the way help in all sorts of ways.

It assists him in his tasks.

Like brushing his teeth.

Or reaching the snack bucket.

He sometimes just uses it as a seat.

And sometimes forgets to use it at all.

Maybe he could have gotten all the way up here without it?  Maybe not.

He has always like to help bake, so it's great for this.

And for reaching the black olives I was using in a dinner recipe.
(He would eat the whole bowl!)

He also found he cold reach the ice out of the freezer.

But for some reason, couldn't see out the bathroom window when he stood on it.

It did work nicely at the living room window to see the garbage truck.

We love our 'new stool'!  My brother, Andrew, is super talented.  You can check out more of his work  (and even order products) on his website:

March 16, 2018

Neighborhood Cats

We don't have any pets.   We don't want any pets.  By we, I totally mean Derek and I. ha.  Because the boys would love one.  But we, as in Derek and I, don't want the responsibly or the expense.  Like boarding while traveling, pet food, vet bills (you never know!) etc...  So it's pretty exciting that we started to see a couple of young cats roaming the neighborhood this fall.  After some investigating, we discovered one of our neighbors has chipmunks damaging their foundation and got a couple 'outside cats' to try and remedy the problem.  Meet: Brutus and Thrasher.

They are super friendly for being outside cats. My boys like to play with them any time we go in or out.

Or snuggle them for a few minutes here and there.

During the super cold winter months, we did have issues with them running into our garage anytime we opened it.  Even when we'd shoe them out, they'd trip the garage door censor coming back in when we'd try to close it, making it go back up.  Derek walked inside the house with Brutus in his arms once and I thought he was crazy! :)  Then he told me it was the only way to get it out of the garage, by shutting the garage door and brining the cat through the house and out the front door.  

We haven't had any trouble at all with that since things have thawed slightly.  And for real, these cats are pretty tolerant of my boys' affection! 

And pretty affectionate in return. 😻

They seem to enjoy the attention, since they come running when they see us.

Owen looks for them anytime we get in or out of the van.

He knew which cat was Brutus or Thrasher before I did.

It's a pretty good arrangement to have some benefits of pets, without the responsibility. ha.

Even if it's a teeny tiny bit sad to not let them inside for more love.
(Don't tell the boys I said that though!!)

March 14, 2018

Really Into Rubik's

Over a year ago, Cooper talked me into letting him buy himself a (cheapy) Rubik's Cube at Dollar Tree.  It didn't work well and the stickers peeled off, but it was clear he was really into it.   So the next time he had an Amazon gift card, he purchased himself a nicer one.  Miles got himself one too.

After he got a 3x3, his next purchase was a 2x2.  It's still one of his favorites.  One night I saw him in bed with his light on and could hear the rhythmic sound of a Rubik's.

I walked in right about the time he solved it!

From then on, it's been an obsession.  He often has one in his hand spinning and turning it....
like during haircuts.

We have enough of a collection around now that there is more than enough for everyone to play.

But that doesn't stop the boys from ordering more when they have Amazon cards.

It's always fun when a new one arrives.

And then it's time to see if they can solve them.

Cooper won a cylinder type in class shortly after school started.
It was a nice surprise since that was during the rough days of adjustment.

He mixed it up and solved it quickly!

His love for them continues and he had several on his Christmas list.

And he got several! 

He has quite a collection.
And added at least two to this after his birthday.

Apparently there is math and algorithms or something involved...
So spin on, my boy, spin on!  :)