August 21, 2017

Summing Up Summer 2017 - Movies

So to start summing up our summer...

"Cars 3" came out in June... which was a highly anticipated event at our house!

It took us a couple weeks, but we made it to the theater to see it! 

Thanks, Aunt Brenda & Uncle Bruce for Miles' birthday gift card!

I thought it was a cute addition to the first two movies.  Derek had a good nap. :)

Three boys like the third movie!
(There's one for each of them!)

We also have a local theater that does a summer movie series.  At 10am M-F, they play an older movie each week.  It costs $1, but if you become a rewards member, which is free, the movies are free!  Yup, free. 

And for signing up for the rewards program, we got a free, YUP Free, popcorn!

The first movie we saw was "LEGO Batman".  
The big boys were on the edge of their seats!

...While Owen had a nice nap. :)

He was a little more into the next week's movie, "Monster Trucks". 

But got a little restless at times.

But made it to the end!

We had friends, Ashely, Levi & Knox (Parental Petulance ring a bell?) join us for "Trolls".

Owen was sleepy but held on to see end.  He liked Princess Poppy!

We also saw "Sing" with Levi & Knox.

Miles decided to sit right in front of us for that movie.   Surprisingly, he sat up there through the whole show.  Also surprising...  it was a cute movie! :)

August 18, 2017

Day Two: Realization

Day two of school!  Cooper and Miles were excited to head out for another day of school.

But this was the exact moment Owen realized he doesn't get to go with them. 

The plan we're trying out, is to have Derek drop the boys off at school on his way to work each morning.  So instead of three boys waving goodbye to Daddy, it was Owen and I waving goodbye to the rest of our family.

This will take some getting used to!  After they left, I gave Owen a pop tart and let him watch tv, he was just fine then.   Though later he acted a little tired and not sure what to do.  So he laid in a laundry basket with his binkies. 😏

We'll all adjust!  Although on day two I kept thinking about how I'm not sure I want to get used to the big boys being gone so much. 😢  We made it to pick up time and went to get 'em!

But on to other things for now!  Since school has started, I think I'll go back in time and catch you up on some of the fun we had this summer that I haven't posted yet.  So, stay tuned for a "Summing Up Summer" series! :)

August 17, 2017

Day One: At Completion

While the big boys were at their first day of school, Owen and I did some laundry then went grocery shopping.  Which made the day go by SUPER fast!  Especially since they have an hour early dismissal for the first two weeks, making 2:30pm pick up time.  We headed to pick them up and a line was already forming.

And 2:30 is totally nap time at our house... 

I got Owen out and we walked though the cafeteria and collected our boys!  Thumbs up for a great first day at school!  Cooper said he was "exhausted from being out all day" and apparently Miles got lost after lunch, but he's a little fuzzy on the details! 😂

I guess I need to stock up on after-school-snacks.  They were starving! 

Cooper's teacher posted this photo to an app that will be used for communication all year.  
(I love this, as you can imagine, since I'm kind of fond of social media 😏)

I know these boys will do great in school, but honestly, the transition part is what makes me nervous.  I'm so glad they had a great first day!  

August 16, 2017

Day One: Kellar Primary

Last night was Kellar's open house and meet the teacher night.  We went to Miles' classroom first.

He met his teacher, Mrs Hassinger, and chose his desk.
(And put all his school supplies into a big ziplock bag)

He picked the seat very closest to the teacher's desk!

Next we went upstairs...

To find Cooper's room.

He met his teacher, Mr Tapling, and found his assigned desk.

Then put his supplies into a numbered basket.

Mr Tapling had stations set up for parents to fill out all the needed forms and contact info.  And this station...   I broke down just a little at this point. 

We got it all done and ready for school the next morning. 

A morning where pancakes were served for breakfast.

Then once dressed and ready, photos.  Of course.
Here Owen is using his Lightning McQueen camera to 'take a photo' of Derek

Owen documented the event well.   Too bad his little camera doesn't take real photos!

For some reason when he previews them, everyone looks like characters from the movie.  :)

Off to school we went!

The sun was in their eyes, but they were good sports about all mama's photos.

Go time!

This time we dropped Cooper off first. They line up in the hallway until the bell rings.

So we headed to Miles' hall next.

We said our goodbyes and he lined up with his class.

I held myself together until I was out of their site.   We headed into the parent Boohoo/Yahoo (to cry and celebrate) breakfast where someone assumed I had just dropped of a kindergartner for the first time. :)

We met a few other parents, had coffee and pastries, then headed home!

I'm so excited to hear all about the boys' first day!

August 15, 2017

New Chapter: Public School

After much discussion, prayer, fasting, seeking godly counsel, a lot of thought and more prayer: Cooper and Miles will be attending public school this year.   

This means they needed uniforms, so we stocked up thanks to Old Navy's buy one get one free sale!

We also took their school supply lists and hit the store.

That process took longer than we thought, and we ended up at another store to finish the last few things, but these guys were troopers!

Both boys needed school physicals, but were glad to find out they were up to date and didn't need vaccinations!   Happy Dance!

They also had to have eye exams. 

It was their first, since they've never had problems.

And sure enough, they both have perfect eyesight!

We had to turn in all that paperwork (along with proof of dental exams) to the school.  Then we could get on to more fun details.  Like shoe shopping!!  

This is when we realized Cooper's feet have officially caught mine in size!  No, that's not saying much, but it's an accomplishment in his opinion. :)

And speaking of fun things, we participated in the school's summer reading program.  Twice this summer they had check in events.  So we went to the school and socialized with others checking in too.

Which meant playing on the playground.

And you know me, a photo op in front of their new school, Kellar Primary.

I have a perfect peace about this decision, yet I'm pretty emotional about it.  Pray for us?  Ready or not, school starts TOMORROW!