March 30, 2017

Bicycle Safety Town

During the littlest's afternoon naps, Mom and I ran a couple errands.  In the short time we were gone, my sister, Mandy, managed to clean and organize the refrigerator and the entire play room!!!  Then challenged Cooper and Miles to a game of Clue.

Alexa woke up before soon...

But Aunt Mandy was about to win anyway! :)

Owen takes such long naps, that he missed out when we loaded Lexa in the stroller, and headed over to Bicycle Safety Town.

We'd driven past a few times, so Ethan was excited to check it out.

Everyone had a great time riding around, as always.

Lexa 'helped' Cooper.

Then got to sit on Miles' bike while he got a drink.

Speaking of drinks... when we asked Ethan if he needed one, he just hopped off his scooter and came right over to get his drink.  If you look closely, you can see his scooter, still standing up right in the 'road'.  😆

Lexa also checked out the playground.

And after watching Miles spin circles...

Gave it a try herself.  The best part was when we tried to have her walk away after spinning. 😂

I always try to wear out the boys as much as possible, but still leave when they have enough energy to ride home.  It's a tricky coordination! 

And we did have two very minor 'incidents' on the way back home.  Haha!

No one was injured and we all made it safely to our backyard with enough time to play before dinner.

The littles spent some energy on the trampoline.

Then wound down after dinner with some bedtime reading.

And a little more reading...

Then just a little more.


March 29, 2017

Caterpillar Center

On Monday morning, we headed downtown to check out the Caterpillar Visitor Center.  It seems appropriate since Peoria is Caterpillar headquarters, at least for a while longer.

Caterpillar is the world's largest construction and equipment manufacturer.

And the first thing you see when you get to the visitor center is a HUGE rock truck of some sort. 
We waited in line there, since that's where you enter.

Because that's where the theater is!  Inside the bed of the HUGE truck.
We found seats and settled in for a ten minute introductory video.

When is was over, we headed out to check out the machinery.

It's all hands on so the boys didn't waste any time!

Owen ran from one thing to another as fast as he could.

And smiled for me to take his picture often. :)

There are stairs leading up to each 'big rig'.

So the kids sat in every one and played on them.

I heard Miles talking to Owen saying, "You sit here, do this, move this, then push all the buttons you can find!"! Ha.

Miles also requested I take his photo while he was bring 'run over'. 

And if I remember right, this photo op was his idea too.

Along with current equipment, there his a historic gallery.

With some of the older machines to see, and photos of some of the first.

And a section with a lot of hands on learning stations.

Examples of jobs Cat Equipment plays rolls in.  Including a train, which Owen has suddenly become obsessed with!

We did one more pass through the main equipment room...

And one more round on the simulators.

This was definitely a favorite activity.

Even Lexa tried.

And that wrapped up our morning at the Caterpillar Visitor Center!

March 28, 2017

Sunday - Funday - Gameday

There is always an NCAA March Madness gameday that falls on a Sunday... 
It's the only Sunday of the year we wear our team apparel to church.  Most chose their Shocker shirts, Owen and I represented our Jayhawks, Miles couldn't decide between KU and WSU, so he wore his Shocker shirt under his Jayhawk shirt.  Ethan is a soccer fan. :)

After church, we ate lunch, some had naps, and Lexa 'helped' Miles build Legos.

Uncle Derek gave Ethan some archery lessons.

Boys jumped on the trampoline. 

And sped around the street on spinner sharks (or scooters).

Back inside, Lexa hung with Cooper.

And Owen was trying not to be left out. 

There was also plenty of time for lounging and watching a show. 

The Shockers lost that day. 😢  The Jayhawks won. 😃

My Mom spent a lot of the day feeding us!  With Alexa's help, of course.
Seriously though... Thanks, Mom!