September 27, 2016

Miles' Birthday - Gone Fishing

Can you tell that Owen enjoyed Miles Creeper cake?

Once he woke up from his nap anyway.
Actually I was distracting him from the fact that everyone else had left on a birthday adventure.

Miles' one request for a birthday activity was to go fishing.
(Thanks to Debbie for snapping the above photo for me!)

So, the birthday boy got to go fishing!

Too bad "fishing" doesn't necessarily mean "catching". 

Even trying out different bait and lures, Miles couldn't snag anything.

But, like usual, Cooper did.  If you count the tiniest bass you could catch. :)

When he snagged a second fish...

He let Miles hold it.

And let it go, that's always the highlight of catching a fish for them anyway.

What a great birthday for Miles! Having grandparents help celebrate was fun.  They said goodbyes that night since they would leave early in the morning.  

September 26, 2016

Birthday Cake

After Miles finished his Birthday hunt, the boys gave G'ma Debbie her birthday gift.  Her birthday is the day after Miles'.

Then we moved into the kitchen to light the birthday candles.

We sang Happy Birthday to Miles'.

Then he blew out the candles!

We dug in and ate "creeper cake" and ice cream.

September 25, 2016

Birthday Beginning

Miles woke up on his birthday and was just as impressed with his "Nether Portal" as Cooper had hoped! 

He ate his breakfast, he'd requested a waffle breakfast sandwich. (Eggs, bacon and cheese on a waffle) But Cooper strongly encouraged his request, same as last year. Ha.

Derek had to go to church early to run sound.  The rest of us had a leisurely morning getting ready.  It was the first week of a new service time, with second service starting at 11am instead of 10:30.  Once at church we got everyone to the correct classroom, cupcakes and all, and settled in.

Owen doesn't care much for the nursery and fusses the whole time.  I went down to check on him during the service and when I peeked through the one way mirror, I saw this...

The new service time apparently ran into nap time.  Owen passed out and had his nap on the nursery floor.   At least he wasn't crying?! :)

He woke up by the time we picked him up and we headed to lunch.

Where Miles ordered the kid's cheeseburger and was impressed by it's size!
A big burger holds more ketchup, right? ha.

Back at home, it was time for the traditional scavenger hunt for gifts. (video to come!) G'pa Dale 'stole' the first clue and read it to say that Miles was to give all the money from cards to G'pa.  This got a laugh from everyone...

Uncle Bruce and Aunt Brenda sent a gift card to go see a movie... which got a jumping celebration.
Owen is looking for the card money himself, maybe? :)

Then clues were read and gifts opened in a flurry of excitement.

And there was some FaceTiming with Aunts and Uncles not present. 

Miles had a great time and only got one duplicate gift. ha. Owen enjoyed the action too... as you can see, he is definitely not about to shove the legos off the edge.  He wouldn't do that.

...or would he?

September 24, 2016

Birthday Prep

The Saturday Derek's parents were visiting, we also did some preparations for Miles' birthday.  He helped make the cake for the next day.

Which, of course, included licking the beaters.

He helped me frost cupcakes, but then he got tired and just stuck the decorations on as I frosted them.

Emoji cupcakes, his choice, all ready to take to Sunday School with him in the morning. 

Next, I moved onto frosting the cake.  It's a Creeper.  From Minecraft.  It's supposed to be a creeper face anyway.  I literally laughed out loud as how it turned out.  And after I let Miles browse Pinterest looking for Minecraft cake ideas, I was sure anything I made would leave him feeling unfulfilled.  But my sweet Miles saw this and genuinely said, "I love it.".   Yay!!  :)

After we put the boys to bed... and Miles fell asleep quickly, as he always does...
Cooper got back up to help prep things for morning.  He had grand ideas to elaborate on our traditional streamers and create a Minecraft theme Nether Portal. 

Success!  Cooper was excited at how it turned out... 
Miles will see in the morning.

September 20, 2016

Start to Labor Day Weekend

Derek's parents came to visit us over Labor Day weekend.  They got up and left really early to make it to town in time for Cooper's baseball game. 

Owen had the best seat he's had at a game yet...

Miles and Owen went with grandma to her car to 'get something' and soon I got this photo.  They somehow found the concession stand en route to the car. :)

Miles is going to wish G'ma came to every game!

Cooper was excited to have them at his game too.

It was a beautiful day, so we went home and ate lunch on the patio.

Followed by more baseball. 

Miles got some batting practice in too.

There were also a few inside games: iPhone charades. 

Owen got to go run around the yard with G'ma too...  he loves the yard right now! (loves running too, he's getting fast.)

All while Derek had a chicken in the smoker...  we enjoyed dinner on the patio too.  It works well since our table inside only seats four.  

After we stuffed ourselves, there were bedtime stories before Owen went to sleep.

September 17, 2016

Me Too

Owen really likes haircuts.  Maybe it's because he just likes to do anything he sees his brothers doing. (Copy Cat Owen post still to come)  When I finished haircut recently, Owen found the cape...

Then asked me to put it on him by holding it up.

Then he gave up on me...

And put it on himself.

So, he got a quick trim too. :)

And yes, he sits surprisingly still in the chair!