June 22, 2017

Not a Slide

Hello!  Yes, we've had a busy week.  Father's Day, Owen's birthday and Derek's birthday fell right in a row this year. But the biggest reason for not posting this week is that our internet has been out.  No wi-fi = no blog posts. We came to eat lunch with Derek at the office, so I stuck my computer in and logged on quick!  And, we're finally dumping our internet provider for a new (hopefully more reliable) service!  Now that you have all that info...    We've also been spending quite a bit of time at the ball field.  There is a playground by one of the diamonds, so Owen spends a lot of time there.  Often riding down the slide. 

But also as often, using this 'slide' that you're supposed to climb UP, to go down.

I cannot seem to convince him that it's not a slide!  It looks like one, but it has bumps like a climbing wall for stepping on.  Which apparently/obviously hurt!

Nearly every time he goes down it, he asks me to kiss his hurt bottom!

Miles keeps himself occupied by finding bugs.

And using them to distract kids that should be warming up for their games.

June 19, 2017

Owen is TWO!

This little guy has a birthday today!

He kinda, sorta understands what that means.  Mostly, he understands that his brothers are excited about it.  And it's making them all goofy.

Not that it takes much to bring goofy to our house!

But speaking of brothers...  Owen would follow them into any adventure.  I kind of fear he will... ha!

He's a sweet, sweet boy.

Who is our constant entertainment.

He's learning new things all the time.

And using small sentences instead of one word requests or comments.

Though his interests lean toward everything his big brothers talk about, he has his own mind and lets us know how he feels.

We pray as he grows, he'll continue to be sweet and sensitive, and open to Christ's love in order to have a personal relationship with HIM. 

Happy, happy 2nd BIRTHDAY, my littlest boy!

June 16, 2017

Memorial Day Picnic

We attended our friend's annual Memorial Day cookout.  In the midst of a day meant for remembering all those who gave their lives so we can have freedom...  we enjoyed time with friends.

The kids had a huge water fight. 

Miles got ahold of some water balloons.

Someone handed one to Owen.

Who just squeezed it...

Until it popped!

Miles and Derek got in on a game of bags.

And Owen played with sidewalk chalk. 

Well, sat in some anyway.

We ate a lot of yummy food.  The highlight of Owen's meal was the Cars juicebox. 

Owen's buddies, Emma and Emily, helped him have a great night too.

They walked him all over the yard all evening. 

When he wasn't riding a toy motorcycle. 

The last event of the night is always the piΓ±ata. 

Owen got a few good swings, since he was second in line going youngest to oldest.

Unfortunately, it was only the fifth child that busted it open... leaving a lot of older kids without a turn.  Haha... 

Can you tell how upset they are? :)

There's still candy all around, so who cares! 

Between the yummy meal and the kids having open access to the dessert table all evening, Miles informed us that he was STUFFED full when we got home.   And that he'd gained two pounds since morning!!  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Now that's a good party!

June 15, 2017

Story Time, Fun Time

On a recent story time trip to the library, Owen noticed the display case had changed to TRAINS!  Oh, the excitement!

It was hard to drag him on into story time, but we did, and he participated.  Kind of.  Ha.  He likes to cheer at the end of the songs.  Before the songs are over.

Until the boys found a bug.  This happens often in story time and my kiddos distract the whole group.

Ironically, the story time theme was BUGS!  So, the craft was too.

Miles had a good time and really got into this one.

Owen had a little help from Mommy.  He worked the glue while I stuck the bug parts on.

Once story time was over, Owen search for the perfect book.

Which Miles actually found for him.  Miles walked over with a Chuggington book and Owen nearly went bonkers over it.  He asked me to sit down on the floor in the library so he could plop on my lap and read it right there!

Then he found the train display again as we checked out.  Which meant we had to drag him away from it to head home.  :)

June 14, 2017

School's Out for the Summer 2017

We wrapped up school for the year the last week in May.

😎 Bring on Summer!! 😎

Actually, we had a cold week around the time we finished up.  But that didn't stop us from celebrating with a popsicle. 

Yep, Owen gets in on the festivities too. He earned it too. 

Summer break means pancakes on random weekdays. 

And lunch out on the patio. 

Even a snack on the trampoline. 

We're looking forward to the summer ahead.