August 31, 2016

Helper Owen

Owen is a big (little?) copycat these days.  I'll have to work on a post of 'things Owen sees us do and then does' for later, but today's post highlights things Owen does to "Help Around the House".

I mentioned that he's a copycat, because that's how he knows how to dust. 

He gets the duster out himself and even dusts both shelves.
Without being asked, I might add. :)

He's so thorough, he even dusts the decor.

He's also pretty thorough when unloading the dishwasher.
...EVERYTHING comes out.

He has laundry a little backward though.  Instead of taking the laundry out of the basket, he gets inside with the laundry!

Maybe that's just because he really gets 'into' every project.  Like helping Daddy assemble the new school cabinet. 

He actually isn't too bad of help when it comes to sweeping the floor!

For some reason, he's also a lot of help finding toothbrushes. 
(I thought these DIY Pinterest toothbrush holders were brilliant until Owen found them!)

Owen is great help in the kitchen too.  If I ever need the cupboards emptied, he's the guy for the job!

Perhaps because he's had a lot of practice.

We just need to work on his job site clean up skills.

He usually leaves that part to me...  and usually while he's napping.
(And still sleeping with three binkys.  One in his mouth and one in each hand.)

August 30, 2016

Bike Rodeo

A few weeks ago we got the boys onto their bikes and hit the street. 

We went around the corner and down the street. 

Across the street, down the trail and arrived at...
Bicycle Safety Town! 

The annual Bicycle Rodeo was going on.  It included a free helmet with fitting, a bike check-up and adjustment.

There were also games set up around the 'streets'.

As the boys rode around, they stopped at games to play.

Miles threw all three hula hoops over the frog.

And won a reflective bracelet.

There was also a wheel to spin...

The color landed on revealing a question to answer about bicycle safety.  The prize was brain shaped gummy candy.

There was also a brain (and spine) replica.

And some handy concussion goggles.  They made things look blurry and doubled, like when you have a concussion.   All things stressing the importance of wearing your helmet, and properly.

It was more crowded than when we normally visit BST, but so much fun! 

August 29, 2016

Rio 2016

We're big fans of the olympics!  Well, I try my best to pass along my love for the competition to my kiddos.  Derek plays nice and enjoys it along with us. :) 

I excitedly sat Owen down to see his first Olympics.

He soon joined his brothers on the couch. (with snacks)

It didn't take long before they were all getting into it.  They make a great cheering section!

Some nights we didn't let the boys stay up as late, so they caught the end of some swimming between brushing teeth and getting in bed.

The first week of events was the week Derek was gone, so I let them stay up pretty late to watch.  We had our bedtime snacks (and a few meals) in the family room.

...being amazed at the athletes and their talent. 

And snuggling on the couch.

We even moved our American flag to hang above the tv... just to show our support. ha.

We had the little tv on in the kitchen during the day, which is unusual...  But I've successfully passed along the Olympic fever!  (and some of the more unique events were on during the day.)

We had Olympics on the brain, for sure... I caught Cooper using a 'balance beam' in the library parking lot. 

We enjoyed some late nights and 'quality' time during the last days of our summer.

Then before we knew it, we were watching the closing ceremony.

Until next time, Olympics.  We'll be anxiously waiting to se you again.

August 26, 2016

The End of Absence

Miles was so happy to find a bird's nest in our yard.  He discovered it when he noticed a mama bird feeding a worm to her babies! They have strict instructions not to touch, but the big boys have been keeping a close eye on the baby bird growth.  Miles asked me to send a picture to Derek, who was still in Minnesota.

Derek was impressed.   And also sent us a photo of his view from the lake side restaurant where he was eating dinner.  Nice. Thanks.  :)

The next morning we headed to the library for story time.

And did a craft...

We made kites!

Then went outside to try them out.

Owen didn't make a kite, but didn't even realize that little fact as he let streamers fly in the breeze.

Later at home...  Daddy is home!!

August 25, 2016

A Movie in His Absence

It wasn't the warmest of the heat waves we had this summer...  but when the heat index is 99ยบ, it's nice to find something to do indoors.

So, in Derek's absence, we decided to see a movie!
"The Secret Life of Pets"

Our AMC theater charges $3.99 for any show before 4pm.  So we went to a 1:40pm show, yep, nap time.  Owen fell asleep in the car on the way and I managed to keep him asleep while I purchased tickets and found seats!  I was kind of excited because if he stayed asleep, I might get to watch part of the movie.

The big boys watched... and liked it a lot.

Owen didn't stay asleep for much of the movie though.  If they didn't play so.many.previews, it would have been more.  He sat and watched the movie for the most part, he must have liked it too.

We used the remainder of Cooper's birthday gift card from Aunt Brenda & Uncle Bruce for this outing. (Thanks!)  We all enjoyed the movie and time out of the house, but inside. :)

Then we went home and FaceTimed with Derek...