July 22, 2016

Bye Bye Big Beard

Derek has had a beard, or at least a goatee, for most of our marriage.  As you know, the last couple year it's been pretty long.  It has varied in length, but for the most part, he's worn it long.  He was ready for a change though, so when I gave him a haircut, he decided on a beard trim too.  Ready?

We trimmed his chin down first...  haha.

Owen really likes to help with haircuts. :)

I forgot to take an 'after' photo, so this one will do. 
I like the beard, but think he looks as handsome as ever with the new 'do'.
He's my favorite person. ❤️

Also: Miles actually cried when he came upstairs and saw Daddy had trimmed his beard. HAHA!

July 21, 2016


One afternoon (faux)G'ma Pam called and asked if Cooper and Miles could go to Monkey Joe's with her and Willa.  It's a building full of all sorts of inflatable fun!

And as a true grandma would, she spoiled them and they each got an icee.

Owen didn't know what he was missing out on.  He did know his big brother wasn't around to stop him from loving on a stuffed animal he isn't usually allowed to drool on squeeze. 

Another fun outing was when Daddy took the big boys to the Bass Pro Shop.  There was an event going on that included BB-Gun target practice. 

And they got to bring home their target to show off.
(And like they do with everything, try and keep forever)

 Miles got his instructions.

Then took aim.

He did pretty well too!

There was more fun inside too. 

And they came home with a project to finish.

They came with a soil disc, that when we added water, expanded to fill the whole pot!
Then they planted seeds. 

Soon we had lettuce sprouts...  

They may or may not get replanted outside. 

July 19, 2016

Derek's Birthday

Our first full day home from Indiana was Derek's birthday.  It was also a Sandlot Baseball day.  And it was also very hot.  We went by Sonic after sandlot, then took a drink to Derek at work. 

Then the boys ran around his office like maniacs while he drank it. 

And played with a co-worker's dog.

We went home and baked Derek's favorite cake... 

And may have had a little cake mishap.

But we'll just stick it all together with (yes, store bought) frosting and distract Daddy with gifts.
Right, Miles? :)

We wrapped Derek's gift in newspaper.  And made a bow.  It turned out better than the cake.  :-/

The boys gave him his birthday gift right when he got home from work. 

Then they played in the packaging while we got ready.

Then we took a photo before we headed to dinner.

At the Burger Barge

Where we stuffed ourselves full of burgers and fries.

Then hoped we had room for the cake at home.  Yep, it was still standing.

I was worried it would end as "The Great Beard Fire of 2016" but Derek had it all under control.

And we found room in our bellies to enjoy dessert.  A great way to celebrate Derek!

July 18, 2016

Park Party

 After lunch on Sunday we drove to the Wakarusa public park.
My Aunt Sherry was throwing a party for her husband, Dave's, 75th birthday.

And since Owen shares a birthday with him, they included Owen on the celebration!

It was a really fun park.

My boys had a great time on the equipment.

And sliding out of a jaguar's mouth!

There was even a special toddler area with smaller equipment.

And this swing that was perfect for Owen...  and Mommy and/or Daddy.

Derek shot this video of Owen enjoying it while they were on the swing...

We also walked around the corner to a cute little drug store to browse around.

Then back to the park for birthday cupcakes!

Since there were so many birthdays within a few days, Aunt Sherry just told everyone to grab a cupcake, stick a candle in it and light it.  Then we sang 'Happy Birthday' to everyone! :)

We had a little trouble keeping the candles lit while we sang.  But no trouble eating the cupcakes.

It was a fun afternoon spent in celebration.

We said our goodbyes and hit the road home.
The boys had a sing-a-long with Weird Al to pass the time.

July 17, 2016

Sunday in Indiana

We got a hotel near Aunt Rita's house in Indiana.  Even though the boys were disappointed we weren't even there during the hours the pool was open, it's always a treat to stay in a hotel.  Owen joined the big boys on the pull out bed after he woke up.

And then he got gifts, because it was his birthday!

He liked this very much. 

And really liked the stuffed turkey his brothers got him... it gobbles!

And the big boys liked the shirt I'd gotten for him.

Though Owen wasn't sure what was so great about it. :)

He was getting the hang of it opening the Duplo from his brothers.

It was also Father's Day, so Derek had a gift too.

Happy Father's Day! 

We went to church with Aunt Rita & Uncle Orv, then they took us out for lunch.
Owen approved of his first trip to Olive Garden. 

Thanks, Uncle Orv & Aunt Rita! It was great to spend some time with you!