January 18, 2018

Kansas Christmas 2017 - Bauer Gifts

After we finished singing Christmas Carols, we settled in upstairs for our official Bauer Christmas. 

Which means it was time for the cousin gift exchange.

That's the gifts exchanged on the Bauer side.  But it still takes a lot of coordination!  Ha.

 Owen had the gift opening down by then.

Thankfully, he was a little quicker than at home, since he didn't insist on throwing away each scrap of paper.

This exchange also takes a little time, since we had the cousin who gave the gift deliver them to the person they bought it for, then we all watched them open it.

Which was fun for all, though I think we got a little ahead and I missed a few. ha.

Not surprising though, right?!

I did get to sit with my favorite person for a while, watching all the fun.

Once the gifts were open, it was time to eat!

We had appetizer type snacks.
This photo taken after Owen had helped himself to nearly all of the black olives.

Along with soups.

Owen also helped himself to the dessert more than once.  He loves chocolate cake.

As the evening went on, Grandma got out play doh for the littles.

And Papa found a quiet spot with Daisy... right in the middle of the floor.

A while later, Owen found a quiet spot with Papa, this time in the chair.

Miles slept at Grandma's house with Jonah that night.
He read some of his new Wimpy Kid book before lights out...

January 17, 2018

Kansas Christmas 2017 - Greetings and Carols

Our next event of the day was heading to my parent's house.  When we arrived, cousins ran out of the house to greet my boys... Jonah came out barefoot!

The greetings continued inside where it was a bit warmer for all toes involved.

Owen found a place on Papa's lap next to Lyla.

Soon we all headed downstairs to what is now my Grandparent's "apartment". 

Grandpa enjoyed showing the great grands their Christmas Tree and decorations.

Grandma had already taken her place at the piano.

And we all gathered around.

Then the Christmas Carols/Songs/Hymns began!

And as always, we have a little fun...

We sang three or four songs and then Dad prayed to close our time. 

Grandpa showed Owen the decorations before we went back upstairs.

What a special time...  it's so great to have Grandma & Grandpa living at my parents house now!

January 16, 2018

Kansas Christmas 2017 - Mleynek Family Time

We spent the rest of the morning at Derek's parent's house.  Owen had decided he was scared of the shark game by then though...  😂😂😂

We ate a delicious prime rib lunch.

All the little Mleynek Men enjoyed this meal too. 

Except Sawyer... he doesn't get prime rib yet.   He did enjoy some g'ma snuggles while his parents ate though.

After lunch, Owen had a really good nap!

While the rest of us relaxed and caught up.

G'ma & G'pa let the kids open one gift.

Some sort of little ball with helicopter rotors.

Cach with a different super hero logo on it.

They had fun trying them out! 

And Owen finally woke up to open his before we moved onto the next event!

January 15, 2018

Kansas Christmas 2017 - Here We Go!

On December 22nd, we loaded up (FULL!) and headed toward Kansas!

This was Owen's all day road trip as a fully potty trained person. :)  He did great!  Really, he can hold it longer than I can, so we didn't have any issues at all.  Ha.

The fun started right away!  Mason was already at G'ma Debbie's house waiting for his cousins.

And G'ma had pulled out the toys.

And games.

Mason spent the night with us that night so all the cousins ate breakfast together.

G'pa Dale was in charge of bacon.

...which all the little Mleynek Men like a lot!

They also had time to play a game with Uncle Trey.

And we all laughed about the way Miles gets his cardio while playing video games. 

January 13, 2018

Christmas Look - Purple Eyes

You might remember a while back that Owen hit his head on my face a gave me a slight bruise.  Well, he did it again!  This time his head hit right at the corner of my eye leaving a pea size bump.  It happened right before bed, and I woke up like this!
It was also right before we were headed to Wichita for Christmas.  So, I decided I'd just be sporting a new look...  purple-ish eyeshadow.

Not a color I typically wear, but with my eyes open, it was hardly noticeable.

And I was able to pretty much match my eyes!

Good thing Owen is a cute little helper wrapping things up before our trip.

And even writing gift tags.

He also loves to help with laundry, but that day tried to climb into a laundry basket and it tipped up and hit him in the face.   Thankfully, his didn't leave a bruise! 

Next week on the blog:
Kansas Christmas!