November 29, 2016

Trick-or-Treat 2016

We took the boys trick-or-treating, so of course, costumes are required. 

 I kind of love making costumes.  Cooper purchased his Kylo Ren costume with birthday money, and these are what the boys wore to the movie in the park too.  But we made some adjustments to Miles' Luke Skywalker shirt to make it more convertible.  And I made Yoda's ears.... way too HUGE! :)

Yoda was far too busy for this photo op too.

It took a little convincing.

But we managed to get him in frame before we ran out of daylight.

Really, I think he just wanted to get in on the light saber battle.

He wouldn't have ever known there was more to this dress up party.

 But the big boys did, so they convinced him to trade the light saber for his walking stick...

Or tried to convince him...

So we could head down the street.

There is so much to see!

But we finally started our rounds to the neighbor's doors.

We'd only hit up one house and Owen dropped the bucket, took out the candy and wanted to eat it.

So I took over the bucket and dragged walked the baby to the next house.

It didn't take him long to realize every neighbor was handing out candy! 

But Daddy did end up carrying him by the end.

We only hit up our small neighborhood, but it was the perfect amount.  The inventory was great! 

There were even a few non-candy items.

And glow stick masks... so fun!

And GOOD candy!

Thanks, neighbors!! 

November 24, 2016

Leaving the Little Cabin

While I cleaned the cabin in preparation for check out, Derek put the boys' rain boots on them.  Owen loves his little hand-me-down rain boots!

And headed to the pond to do some 'last chance' fishing.

And I knew from the pictures Derek started sending me, they were successful!

Which was fun for everyone.

Owen caught one too.  Well, Daddy caught one on Owen's pole. 😏

Apparently the best fishing spot was out on this rock...

And they snagged a few fish.

Unhooked them.

And posed for a photo... for their Mama. 😊

Before releasing them again.

After we loaded up the van, we went back to the trout stream for a while before hitting the road for home.

Owen and I walked and explored while the big boys fished.

We heard the commotion when Miles caught a trout on his first cast! 
After Cooper's experience the day before, Daddy was helping hold this one tight!

Miles got to hold it after it was on the stringer.  And he went and picked it up every few minutes after that. 

Unfortunately that was the only fish they caught.  But Owen caught a nap. 😂

And soon it was time to head home, with one trout.

We made 2 1/2 hour drive home and unloaded.

Just in time to prep Miles' trout for the grill.

Which he was kind enough to share with everyone.

It at least supplemented our dinner.
Miles was very proud to serve the fish he caught. 

That wrapped up our little mini-get-away, a nice refreshing time away with our little family.

November 23, 2016

Morning Exploring, Afternoon Trout

Before we hit the hiking trails, we went to explore the "Party Barn".  The main level has an area you could host a party or reception, the upstairs has games.

And a basketball goal.

We played a few rounds of ping pong.

Then went to find the hiking trails.  But not before we checked the pond for fish!

We eventually found the trails and headed on our hike.

Miles came across some animal droppings, so he pulled up his sweatshirt in order to look at his shirt for reference.  He came to the conclusion it must be bear droppings. 😆

We saw a lot of animal tracks too, since it was a bit muddy.  And had to cross a creek or two, maybe three.

We also happened across Bigfoot's mailbox!

And were often waiting on Miles to catch up.  So.many.creatures.

We saw a few deer scrapes, so Derek educated the boys on the habits of bucks looking for a doe.

We made it back to the cabin and Owen watched the boys fish from the back window while I made lunch.

Then Derek and the big boys headed to a nearby stream to fish for trout.  Owen took a nap and I worked on costumes since October 31st was quickly approaching!

After relaying their fishing stories, (Cooper caught one but it wiggled out of his hands and back into the water even before a photo!) Everyone relaxed for a while.

We grilled steak for dinner (good thing we had a back up plan to trout.) then the boys played a game.

That actually didn't last long with Owen around though.

We ended the evening with popcorn while watching the World Series.