January 24, 2017

Seeing Santa 2016

When it's time to see Santa...  you might know where we like to go.
Our local Bass Pro Shop!

Maybe it's also because we can see the fish?

We picked up our "Bass Pass" then wandered around while we waited for our time slot to get in line.  And by "wandered around" I totally mean, "I looked for photo ops".  😆

All three boys dressed up looking handsome... 

Owen 'wandered' into an ice fishing tent.

And he knows that to 'wander' means to 'take photos'.  Look at him pose! 😂
So proud.

We headed over toward the Winter Wonderland and Derek found our line and go in it to wait. Owen found the ball pit.  And threw balls at other kids. 🙈

He would have stayed and played there for hours.

But the big boys had headed over to the bb-guns.

So we headed that way, but got distracted by the lincoln logs.

And then by a caribou that Owen called, "deer".

When we eventually found his brothers was when I noticed Owen had something in his hands.

A lincoln log.  Ooops.  Had to go put that back.

By then Cooper and Miles were shooting Nerf bows.

Owen joined right in.

But decided throwing the arrows was more fun.

We found a coloring sheet.

And an ornament coloring craft.

Obviously, Owen didn't need as long to 'finish' his coloring sheet as his brothers needed on their ornaments, so we found other ways to occupy him.

Which included more deer!  Owen would have rather taken a ride on one of these than the four wheelers!

Finally, it was our turn to see Santa.  Right after his break anyway... 
Cooper and Miles passed the time by telling Santa's Elf fishing stories.  A lot of fishing stories.

She was ready to get rid of them sent them down the walkway toward the big guy.

Who was just getting situated. 

So they walked slow.  Ha.

Then came to a halt when Owen decided he wasn't into it after all.

And tried to back out all together.

Derek went and plopped him up on Santa's lap where he sat still, but sure wasn't enjoying himself.

At least not until Santa pulled out the candy canes!

Suddenly they were friends!  And Owen seemed nice and comfy then!
Santa cuddled him and didn't even seem to notice the line of other kids waiting.

With a fist bump...

And a wave goodbye...

Seeing Santa 2016 was complete!

January 23, 2017

Christmas Festivities

Our month of December was pretty full of fun Christmas festivities! 

Christmas Parties!

The kids played a game of pick up sticks with candy canes.

Christmas Shopping.
(This item was not purchased.)

(or this one.)

Derek's second annual Fruit Cake Bake!

Some friends found this gifts for the boys and knew they were perfect.
So sweet of them. Merry Fishmas! 

We got goodies in the mail...

And made goodies to deliver to neighbors.

Rock, Paper, Scissors decided what flavor ice cream we'd enjoy when we celebrated Christmas at home.

Derek and I went to the Carol Sing at a local coffee shop. 

Our friend, Isaac, was one of the leaders again this year and we always enjoy the event.

The AWANA Christmas night had Coop & Miles doing some singing of their own.

Followed my the annual "Ring of Lights" to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

And Christmas break meant we let the boys stay up a little later.
Board Games after Owen went to bed happened nightly! :)

January 20, 2017

Oh, Owen

Owen's one job every day is to occupy himself while the big boys do school.
He finds many ways to do this...
Coloring is becoming more popular as he understands the concept.

And once in a while I let him use the dry erase board.
Apparently the markers are delicious. 

We were given the easel with the dry erase board (and chalk board on the opposite side) and it's given Owen entertainment options.  Markers, chalk, or sitting under it.

Or crawling through it like an obstacle course.

All that happens when he's not sneaking upstairs, climbing up to the table and helping himself to a cookie.

Speaking of tables...

This one is a climber!

He gets himself into some interesting situations.

He's still learning how chairs work, right?

He knows he likes the bathtub!  Pj's optional.

He's learning to be useful... with laundry.

And vacuuming?

Always, always climbing.

He also likes to sit inside anything he sees is empty.

Or that he empties so that he can sit in.

No matter the size.

He'll find a way to sit in it!

It all makes for a pretty exhausting life.

He sleeps hard when he does sleep!
(10+ hour nights and 3+ hour naps!!)

He thinks it's funny to climb into Cooper's bed and tuck himself in.

That is when he's not begging to get into his own bed.

He likes to go to bed!
I actually think he just wanted to get his binky. Ha.

And that was just a little about Owen, who definitely keeps our lives interesting and fun!